We build quantum computers

IQM’s quantum fabrication facility gets a €35 million boost from the EIB

BioNTech Chief Operating Officer Dr. Sierk Poetting to Steer IQM Global Expansion as Chairman; Axel Thierauf transitions into a new role as the Chair of IQM Quantum Council

One of the first IQM quantum computers, located in the IQM headquarters, Espoo, Finland.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build world-leading quantum computers for the wellbeing of humankind now and for the future.

Our Technology

IQM quantum computers are developed in a unique hardware-software co-design approach. IQM's second-generation quantum processors use proprietary on-chip components to increase the QPU clock speed for error correction.

IQM's co-design strategy aims to deliver quantum advantage to its customers, using novel chip architecture, application-specific processors, and ultrafast quantum operations.

The result? IQM leading the way in deploying on-premise quantum computers with processors optimized for quantum applications.