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We have open positions for quantum experts, software architects,  microwave engineers and more.  Find your best fitting position below or send your open application letter.
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By joining IQM, you will enter a deep tech company driving disruptive advancements in quantum computing. We are a world-class team of quantum physicists, engineers, and computer experts working together to create new value for quantum computing. IQM´s headquarters are on the high-tech campus in Otaniemi near Helsinki, providing a state-of-the-art cleanroom and perfect lab conditions. Working in Helsinki means enjoying the modern Nordic lifestyle in one of the most attractive and the happiest country in the world. We are strongly integrated into the European quantum efforts and our international team is connected to business leaders and high-tech companies around the globe. Together, we aim to shape the future by developing disruptive technologies for quantum computing.
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Finland is in an exceptional position to lead the quantum revolution.

~ Prof. Mikko Möttönen

Chief Scientist, IQM

New office in Munich, Germany

IQM has recently established an office in Munich, Germany and we are growing our co-design team there. Munich offers a fantastic quality of life in a modern city. It is very clean, safe, and child friendly. Combined with the fact that there are many possibilities for leisure activities in all areas, it makes life in Munich very pleasant.

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Job Openings


You will join the core R&D team developing a superconducting quantum processor. Your role involves deep, hands-on technical work in a focused, collaborative startup environment with experts in quantum device design and testing, as well as supporting technologies including electronics, software, and system-level engineering. Your main responsibilities will be the characterization and benchmarking of the qubits and qubit systems, and developing the surrounding infrastructure.  You will be guiding the technical direction of the research based on the experimental results, with constant awareness towards company milestones in collaboration with our multidisciplinary team. Your exact role will be tailored depending on your interests and experience level, and you may also contribute to the modeling and design aspects.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Hands on characterization and measurement of superconductor-based qubits and quantum devices.
  • Development of automated measurement practices.
  • Collaborate with software, hardware and device fabrication teams to determine development path for a scalable superconducting quantum processor.
  • Contribute to the design aspects of qubit test circuits and the quantum processor.
  • Establishing lab best practices and protocols to ensure quality of work and the safety of all involved.



  • MSc or PhD in Electrical engineering, Physics, Applied Physics or related field.
  • Experience in radio-frequency measurements at cryogenic temperatures
  • Ability to apply advanced laboratory instrumentation and control electronics in measurements, including RF and microwave characterization tools (e.g. VNAs, spectrum analyzers, lock-in ampifiers), digital measurement control hardware and measurement control software


  • Experience on experimental work with qubits
  • Theoretical understanding on qubit circuits
  • Basic knowledge of microwave engineering
  • Experienced in programming languages like Python, Mathematica and MATLAB.
  • Experience in simulation tools such as HFSS, Comsol, Sonnet, or equivalent.
  • Keen experimental insight with an ability to devise and focus on key experiments.
  • Excellent communication (English, verbal and written) and interpersonal skills
  • Highly motivated, and excited by self-directed, hands-on work.
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to new situations in a rapidly changing research environment.
  • Strong teamwork skills.

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