We are a company with extraordinary ambition and talent.

Our Values


We collaborate cross-competence and cross-locations to achieve our grand goals together

We value everyone’s input and skills equally

We operate in partnerships and co-create with our customers


We trust that we all have the company’s best interests in mind

We share our mistakes so that we can learn and correct them together

We always base our decisions on science, facts and logic


We compete for customers globally with the biggest players in the market

We are ready to step outside our comfort zone to reach our goal

We strive for excellence by choosing action instead of over-engineering

Job openings


We foster creativity, ingenuity, and the ability to solve problems in everything we do. When we are creating something so unique, there are no crazy ideas, no limits, just sparkles of innovation.

We are here to extend the limits of what is possible.

Quantum computing is a field of industry where the concept of impossible is redefined.

We are creating technologies that revolutionize the world.


We at IQM put people first. Leadership for us means removing obstacles and restrictions to make sure that nothing stands in our way when making great things possible.

We love people who are hungry for information and skills, who want to create and build exceptional technology and change the world for the wellbeing of humankind. We think that skills can be developed and that good results come from hard work.

We are creating technologies that revolutionize the world.


At IQM, you will work with highly talented people and the latest technology.

You will also collaborate with global scientific communities and have the freedom to truly change the world.

Let’s discover the next breakthroughs together!