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IQM is a global leader in building quantum computers

IQM was founded in 2018 by a highly ambitious team of world-leading scientists having built several successful quantum labs and research centers globally during the past two decades.
We had an audacious vision – to build quantum computers with a profound impact on humanity. The timing was perfect as international spotlight on quantum technology was growing, both in the public and private sectors, setting the stage for a transformative opportunity. Undertaking the task of building a quantum computer from scratch, we recognized an extraordinary opportunity to contribute something truly exceptional. The team’s pioneering work started with breakthroughs in qubit reset, readout, and thermal management towards large-scale quantum processors. Since then, the work has progressed to unique hardware advantages and novel concepts around digital-analog quantum computing.
"Our Nordic heritage has been instrumental in shaping an environment where brilliance thrives with minimal friction," Dr. Jan Goetz, Co-CEO and Co-founder.
What once started as a spin out from Aalto University and VTT in Finland, quickly became one of the world's largest and most renowned quantum businesses, with a mission to build world-leading quantum computers for the well-being of humankind.

Today, we proudly build and deliver full stack quantum computers and applications to HPCs, research institutes, universities, and business enterprises.


Dr. Jan Goetz
Dr. Mikko Välimäki

IQM quantum council

To regain technology leadership
and make Europe
the quantum
leader of the future

Quantum council members

Dr. Axel Thierauf
Chairman, IQM Quantum Council
Dr. Reinhold Achatz
IQM Quantum Council Member
Dr. Christoph Zindel
IQM Quantum Council Member
Prof. Dieter Kempf
IQM Quantum Council Member
Prof. Dr. Heinrich von Pierer
IQM Quantum Council Member
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Balleis
IQM Quantum Council Member
Dr. Torsten Jeworrek
IQM Quantum Council Member
Dr. Viviane Reding
IQM Quantum Council Member
Genevieve Fioraso
IQM Quantum Council Member
François Auque
IQM Quantum Council Member
Eduardo Montes
IQM Quantum Council Member
Prof. Dr. Francesco Profumo
IQM Quantum Council Member
Anna Streżyńska
IQM Quantum Council Member
Timo Harakka
Member of Parliament of Finland, Committee f. t. future (vice-chair) EU affairs committee foreign affairs committee, Ex-Minister of Transport and Communications of Finland
Maria Schabel
Executive Assistant


Using quantum computing technologies for the well-being of humankind and creating a safer world for our future generations

Retaining technology sovereignty and establishing Europe as a technology leader to create a secure future

Creating future jobs by commercializing quantum hardware and software

Reskilling the workforce with industrial trainings, educational programs and development initiatives

Creating networks of decision makers, public policy makers and universities to put quantum computing on the European agenda

Why now?


Europe, with more than 4.000 Universities, provides most of the physics talents working abroad, causing a brain drain phenomenon.


IQM already has offices in Espoo, Finland; Munich, Germany; Madrid, Spain; and Paris, France, and intends to accelerate its global growth.


Extraordinary progress in scaling quantum computers globally


Quantum computing will be here sooner than expected.


IQM is the Pan-European category leader in building full-stack quantum computers with its own fabrication facility, design, software and one of the largest quantum engineering teams in the world.

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We share a common goal: We work to integrate quantum into HPC systems in a way that is usable and useful for researchers seeking to level up their results with the computational upgrade this hybrid approach will bring.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Kranzlmüller
Chairman of the Board of Directors, LRZ

We are excited to say that the hard work of our teams from VTT and IQM is paying off, and we are on track to demonstrate the first stage of the project - a functioning quantum computer.

Dr. Antti Vasara
CEO, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

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