Quantum Engineer, Experiments (Espoo, Finland)

IQM is the European leader in superconducting quantum computers, headquartered in Espoo, Finland. We have grown to 80+ employees and have established a subsidiary in Munich, Germany. We build quantum computers for research laboratories and supercomputing centers. For industrial customers, we deliver quantum advantage through our unique application-specific co-design approach.


We are looking for Quantum Engineer, Experiments to support our mission of expanding the frontier of scientific and technological progress.

What will I be doing?

You will be part of a project team with a mission to conduct and improve the calibration and benchmarking of superconducting quantum processing units and relevant test devices. You will be using an experiment automation software and developing an understanding of the QPU performance which could be improved by the design and fabrication. As a team member, you will specialize in solving some of the technical problems while collaborating with the rest of the team to integrate the solution. Additionally, the following tasks are included:

  • Conducting characterization and benchmarking experiments
  • Interpreting and reporting results of experiments
  • Sharing expertise and learnings with other team members
  • Contributing to the automation software

What skills do I need?

  • Basic understanding of superconducting qubit physics
  • Some experience in lab work with superconducting qubits or other very similar domain
  • Basic understanding of good software development practices, Python, and version control systems
  • Basic experience with microwave instruments
  • Good communication in English (verbal and written)

What I can expect from IQM

IQM will provide you with the additional training and access to the state of the art instrumentation and laboratory. You will get to join the journey to develop and commercialize world leading superconducting qubit based quantum computer. Moreover, IQM is a rapidly growing organization providing excellent opportunities for self-development and plenty of room to progress alongside the company.

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Please send your application the soonest, we proceed with interviews with a continuous mode.