About us

Bringing Quantum Computing to Everyone

IQM is creating value by utilizing the power of quantum technologies. We build quantum computers to answer the most challenging questions in science, technology, and business.

Have you ever wondered who can build a quantum computer for you?

Our products will boost quantum computing and help to find solutions benefiting the industry and the society at large. Applications range from more efficient medication to discovering planet-saving materials, intelligent systems, and sustainable industrial processes. We foresee new technologies that will arise from the possibilities opened by quantum computing.

We believe the future is in the quantum.


IQM is headquartered in Espoo, Finland (IQM Finland Oy), led by CEO Dr Jan Goetz info@meetiqm.com


IQM has also a subsidiary in Germany (IQM Germany GmbH), led by CEO Prof Enrique Solano iqm.germany@meetiqm.com


Our mission is to build useful quantum computers to generate value for the society using faster quantum processors designed hand-in-hand with their applications.

We have the largest industrial hardware team of world-class quantum experts in Europe. We build quantum computers for both private and public sectors. IQM has a unique approach for accelerating the development of useful quantum solutions using hardware-software co-design. This path is supporting the competitiveness of your business globally.

Our origin

IQM is a spin-out from Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The team’s pioneering work has yielded breakthroughs in qubit reset, readout, and thermal management of quantum circuits. Since spinning out, we have become the leading European quantum computing hardware company with operations in Finland and Germany.

IQM’s founding team combines deep experience in quantum technology and a strong entrepreneurial drive

Dr Jan Goetz


Jan is a quantum physicist and co-founder of IQM, building revolutionary quantum computers. IQM secured a seed round of €11.45 million, the largest in Finnish history. Jan received his PhD on superconducting quantum circuits from TU Munich and continued as a Postdoc in Helsinki at Aalto University where he recently received a title of docent for quantum technology.

Prof Mikko Möttönen

Chief Scientist

Mikko Möttönen is the Chief Scientist of IQM and Professor of Quantum Technology at Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. He leads the Quantum Computing and Devices (QCD) research group at Aalto with well more than a dozen researchers. His track record contains more than 100 scientific articles and several novel inventions in quantum physics and quantum computing.

Dr Juha Vartiainen


Juha Vartiainen is the COO of IQM and runs the daily operations. He has more than ten years of R&D expertise from industry, especially in software development. He holds a PhD in quantum computing.

Dr Kuan Yen Tan


Kuan Yen Tan is the CTO of IQM. He worked previously as an Academy Research Fellow in QCD Labs at Aalto University and as a consultant for quantum computing especially in fabrication technology.

Dr Axel Thierauf


Venture capitalist with 20+ years of professional experience at MIG Fonds. Investing and supporting entrepreneurs building deep tech companies of the future, mainly in Germany.
Specialties: semiconductor, photonics, material, resource efficiency, AI and IT infrastructure sectors.

Ekaterina Almasque

board member

Ekaterina has been investing in deep technologies for over twelve years. As a Managing Director of Samsung Catalyst Fund Europe, she led Series A investment in GraphCore and a number of investments in the cutting edge ML/AI. Now partner at OpenOcean, Ekaterina continues to focus on pioneering approaches to data-intensive computing.

Dr Mikko Välimäki

board member

Experienced serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of track record in building startups from ground zero to exit. Mikko is an expert in scaling technology companies, launching new products, hiring, intellectual property and fundraising.

Dr Kuan Yen Tan

CTO & board member

Kuan Yen Tan is CTO of IQM. He worked previously as an Academy Research Fellow in  QCD Labs at Aalto University and as a consultant for quantum computing especially in fabrication technology.