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Your Quantum Computing Cloud – Accelerating Quantum Innovation for Everyone

IQM Resonance™ is our new cloud service, dedicated to accelerating your quantum computing exploration, research and innovation. Whether you are coming from academia or enterprise, you will have a fully managed service environment with our latest QPUs and hardware not available anywhere else.

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IQM Resonance™
gives direct access
to our unique QPU topologies
and high-performance
superconducting quantum computers
not available anywhere else

Product benefits

Unique HW experience

Create, build, manage and own your algorithm IP in a secure way - fully operated by IQM without any third-party involvement

Get exclusive access to our high-fidelity QPUs with square-lattice and star topology with central resonator

Our high fidelities are enabled through our custom designed IQM tunable couplers that boost your algorithm performance and provide high quantum volume and full entanglement across the QPU

Through our design approach we introduce innovative long-range high-connectivity QPU topologies that pave the way toward more efficient error correction and QAOA and VQE algorithms

The best value for your investment

We offer the highest value for your investment in the market for your quantum research and testing your use-cases

Free trial

You will get free training materials through IQM Academy, one of the most used quantum education libraries

Ease of use

User centric solution with scientists in mind

Transparent and easy-to-use platform that lets you plan, build, run and manage your quantum algorithms

Coming soon, build quantum algorithms using your local development environment or Resonance Dev, a browser based Jupyter Notebook environment

IQM Resonance™
offers quick and versatile cloud
access to our most advanced QPUs
and quantum computers
with the highest qubit connectivity and gate fidelities

You can develop, test and benchmark quantum algorithms at low cost of entry, with the option to upgrade to an on-site system later.

With IQM Resonance™ we offer exclusive access to QPUs with square-lattice and star topology with central resonator. The two architectures have complementing strengths and let you choose the best QPU for your needs to boost your application performance.

IQM Resonance™  is built by scientists for scientists. Whether you are coming from enterprise or academia, you will get secure access to quantum computers with the latest QPUs fully operated by IQM, without the need for immediate investments in quantum hardware.

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Book a demo

Choose the best QPU to boost your application performance

IQM Deneb

IQM Deneb is a 6-qubit QPU based on superconducting transmon qubits, all  connected to a central resonator hub. The high connectivity minimises the amount of unnecessary SWAP gates while implementing your quantum algorithms. The long-range high-connectivity architecture of IQM Deneb paves the road for 2-10 times more efficient quantum error correction codes compared to standard implementations.

  • New and unique star QPU architecture optimal for highly connected problems
  • 6 qubits connected to a central resonator hub with tunable couplers
  • Highest connectivity available in the market
  • Base technology for up to 10 times more efficient quantum algorithm implementations
  • Distinct qubit–resonator operations
  • Paves the way toward more efficient qLDPC error correction methods and QAOA (Quantum Approximate Optimisation Algorithm) & VQE (Variational Quantum Eigensolver) algorithms

IQM Garnet

IQM Garnet is a 20-qubit QPU based on superconducting transmon qubits. The qubits are arranged in a square lattice and connected by tunable couplers. The system is calibrated to support arbitrary X and Y rotations as the native single-qubit gate and CZ as the native two-qubit gate.

  • 20 qubits with tunable couplers between the qubits
  • Square lattice with the highest connectivity available at this scale
  • The layout natively supports surface-code error-correction
  • No central resonator
Benchmarking results
  • Supports full entanglement (across the QPU) - 20-qubit GHZ state with fidelity greater than 0.5
  • Quantum volume of 32
  • CLOPS (circuit layer operations per second) of 2600
  • Solves combinatorial optimisation problems with a Q-score of 11
  • Two-qubit gate operation fidelity of 99.8% demonstrated


Time-slot model is offered on an hourly basis to run your algorithms.

Contact us and get your time-slot offering or free trial

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1 hour

Access our latest quantum system and QPUs

Time slot plan

Starting at
$ 0.5
per second

Access our latest quantum system and QPUs

  • Deneb
  • Garnet

In-house technical support

Calibration service

IQM Academy training materials

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