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At IQM, we believe that partnerships provide a critical means to accelerate quantum impact and create solutions to solve critical problems to ensure that our customers benefit from our technology. We are committed to mutually beneficial partnerships, ranging from cloud, software, hardware, and resellers.

HPC Partners

We deliver quantum computers to high-performance computing (HPC) centers and enable users to explore quantum accelerated possibilities.

For example, we are currently integrating a quantum computer in Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Munich, and have integrated a quantum computer in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, connected to LUMI, Europe’s most powerful supercomputer, hosted by the CSC – IT Center for Science.

IQM is also integrating a 5-qubit quantum computer “IQM Spark” to The Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) due to be ready in July 2024, which will be connected to JSC’s classical supercomputers.

Our HPC partners also include NVIDIA. In this collaboration the users of IQM’s quantum processing units are enabled to program hybrid quantum-classical applications with NVIDIA CUDA Quantum, an open-source platform.

Another HPC partnership we have is with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), with whom we are collaborating to develop integrated quantum and high-performance computing product solutions.

One more HPC partnership formed is between Eviden (an Atos Group company) and CSC - IT Center for Science, aiming to establish the first comprehensive 100% European quantum ecosystem. This ecosystem includes a simulator, a universal programming environment, and quantum hardware.

Let's build together! Contact our experts through this link and let’s accelerate possibilities with quantum!

Let's build together!
Contact our experts
and let’s accelerate
possibilities with quantum!
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With IQM, you can develop, test and benchmark quantum algorithms at low cost of entry with our unique hardware. You will get secure access to quantum computers with the latest QPUs fully operated by IQM, without the need for immediate investments in quantum hardware.

Our cloud partners include for example T-Systems who offers their customers access to IQM’s quantum systems through the cloud, and many more coming up.

Let’s build together! Contact our experts through this link and let’s accelerate possibilities with quantum through cloud!

and algorithm partners

IQM offers innovation partnerships to design optimized quantum algorithms and applications, aiming to solve business challenges beyond classical supercomputing capabilities. We actively explore various quantum algorithms, including optimization, simulation, and quantum machine learning, or developing hardware-efficient algorithms with error-mitigation techniques for optimal NISQ hardware performance. For instance, we've significantly enhanced routing algorithms for QAOA circuits, with more benchmarks to come as we conduct further experiments on IQM systems.

Our partners include for example Multiverse and Beyond Limits. We are also collaborating with HQS Quantum Simulations, one of Germany's leading innovators of quantum computing applications. With HQS, one of the most notable projects has been the Q-Exa project. This project focuses on utilising quantum computers for research purposes, by combining and contributing HQS software and IQM hardware to a high-performance computing centre. The Q-Exa project has a strong emphasis on material science and quantum chemistry, two fields where quantum computing can have a profound impact. By leveraging the capabilities of quantum computers, we aim to accelerate research in these areas, potentially leading to ground-breaking discoveries and advancements.

Let’s build together! Contact our experts through this link and let’s accelerate possibilities with quantum!

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